Chiropractic care is focused on achieving alignment of the body, mobility of joints, and stability of structural components of the spine and extremities. Chiropractic medicine is known for the manual adjustment of joints in the spine and extremities. However, Dr. Clark goes beyond the basics of chiropractic treatment to address the whole body, from head to feet, including exercise and nutritional needs, in order to help patients live their best lives.

We are pleased that you are making your health a priority and we commit to working with you to resolve acute and chronic head, neck, or back pain, and return to sports or normal activities. Whether you have experienced a traumatic event such as an auto accident or you notice chronic pain and stiffness after years of sitting at a desk, chiropractic care can help you regain comfort as well as an optimal level of performance.

Our Practice

Chiropractic health care with our experienced team involves the assessment of the spine and other joints, the analysis of diagnostic testing such as x-ray and MRI, and attention to lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise. Focusing on these "big three" (Chiropractic, Nutrition, Exercise) components of health allows our doctors to develop custom health care for each individual patient.  Chiropractic health care is more than adjustments to the spine or extremities. This area of medicine provides treatment that balances alignment, mobility, and stability. Alignment is the symmetry and balance of your body’s posture. Mobility is not only how far you can move, but also the quality of your movements. Stability is about how strong and solid muscles and joints are in supporting those movements.